The IT security of a company is often subject to constant change due to current events. New applications, systems, and interfaces are introduced, while others are replaced or shut down. As a result, the attack surface of an organization also changes, offering potential attack points for attackers. To maintain an overview of this attack surface and identify vulnerabilities, attack surface monitoring (ASM) is essential. However, not every operator has sufficient expertise to analyze the collected data against the background of countless vulnerability classes and initiate effective measures

Automated detection + manual review by IT security experts

Our ASM product offers continuous automated detection of externally accessible IT and identifies initial potential vulnerabilities based on known threats and vulnerability classes. The collected information is pre-qualified by our experienced team of experts and manually processed further. In this process, vulnerabilities are classified, prioritized, and communicated to the partner. If desired, we also take over the coordination of vulnerability remediation by the partner or their IT service provider.

Regular penetration tests by certified experts

Another special feature of our ASM service is a fixed contingent for regular penetration tests. In this process, new, conspicuous, or high-risk assets in the externally accessible IT are manually checked by our experts in a targeted penetration test. This can also identify vulnerability classes that can only be found through manual and individual analysis. As a result, we offer our partners an additional level of security that goes beyond automated detection and minimizes the exploitability of vulnerabilities.

Unbeatably effective combination

Our Managed Attack Surface Monitoring provides you with comprehensive and professional monitoring of your external IT infrastructure to uncover and eliminate potential vulnerabilities and risks. With our experienced team of experts and our individual approach, which combines automated detection, manual data analysis, and ongoing penetration tests, we offer our customers maximum security and minimize the risk of cyber attacks.