There is a noticeable increase in the number of reports of IT security incidents in companies, which cause problems that not only endanger operations but also threaten the existence of the company. In the context of risk minimization, every management should have a serious interest in placing the topic of IT security in the hands of professionals. Because one thing is clear: Even if the IT technical know-how is located in other departments in most cases, the responsibility ultimately lies with the management.

Network Security

In IT, complex solutions also create complex networks. In today's world, networks are subject to constant change and therefore offer attackers a large attack surface. Besides things like patch management, documentation and own security measures, an external penetration test is the right tool of choice to get a critical view on the network. If you need external quality assurance and a critical unbiased eye for your product or corporate network, we are the right partner. We are also well connected with experts in the various areas of IT security and are happy to be your single point of contact.


What good is the most secure network and the best possible tested application, if your employees do not have the necessary attention and insert infected USB sticks into PCs or open well-prepared e-mail attachments? IT security has long ceased to be a purely technical issue. Employees must be aware of the many dangers and attack patterns and be prepared for emergencies through regular awareness measures.

Physical Security

As with the technical side of IT security, attackers have quite a few tricks up their sleeves in the real, physical world. Missing or inadequate security measures for access to the company building are a high risk factor. Why would an attacker go to the trouble of hacking your servers when they can simply enter the building through a poorly secured door with little effort and work on the servers right there on the spot. Even if this scenario is unthinkable for many, one thing is clear: an attacker chooses the path of least resistance that is feasible for him.

Where to begin?

An attacker chooses the path of least resistance, and in many cases exactly one vulnerability is enough for him to compromise. These facts make the situation seem hopeless at first. Our basic recommendation here is "from the outside in - from coarse to fine". Since IT security is not a one-time measure, but should be understood as an ongoing process, it is important to approach the topic according to this mantra. For an elaboration of the concrete approach for you, please contact us for an initial discussion. We can also offer you a workshop on the subject of IT security, the aim of which is to work out a course of action.

Our Reconnaissance+ is also an excellent entry-level model.