The sooner the better

In IT projects, many components build on each other. A wrong decision at the beginning of a project can cause major problems later on. In particular, the issue of IT security must be considered early on so that there is no rude awakening later. Processes that turn out to be insecure at a late project stage and can only be remedied at great expense can quickly drive up costs. For this reason, we recommend embedding IT security as early as possible in the development process and not seeing it as a project completion measure in the context of quality assurance.

We accompany your project holistically

We are available to you as early as the planning stage and contribute our know-how to your project concept. During the project, we accompany you and ensure that the concept is implemented in accordance with IT security requirements, so that there are no unpleasant surprises in the critical late phases of the project. If security-relevant errors occur, we are in direct contact with the responsible developers and help you to eliminate them in a sustainable way.

The Rule of Ten in quality assurance

The Rule of Ten for defect costs states that the cost of detecting and eliminating product defects increases by a factor of 10 with each phase of the product life cycle. Consequently, the cost of defects increases exponentially. This is why the recommendation is to detect and avoid defects as early as possible. In the context of IT security, it should also be remembered that errors found by an attacker during productive operation can also cause immense reputational costs. Having to inform a customer about lost private data is more than unpleasant!