You want to deal with the topic of IT security in your company, but don't know which concrete measures you can start with? With our Reconnaissance+, you first go into breadth and get an overview of your externally and internally accessible resources. With our systematic approach, we identify hotspots in your IT landscape that will be the subject of further action.

Get an overview & Set focus

During our Reconnaissance+, we identify the critical points in your IT landscape for you and at the same time already find the so-called "low-hanging fruit" that can already be determined by a peripheral look. These results can be used to plan very targeted further measures that will bring you a significant step closer to an overall secure IT. You will be amazed at the critical vulnerabilities that can often be found even with the first reconnaissance measures.

Our Reconnaissance Framework

Our Reconnaissance is a strategic mix of automation and manual work. Over the years, we have created a framework that achieves an extremely high level of coverage through a highly effective systematic combination of IT security tools from the professional and open source sectors and targeted manual screening and individualization by experienced penetration testers. This framework is always individualized for the current application and continuously adapted to the latest developments in the IT security world.